“The most amazing feeling a human being can experience, is experiencing the Mystery” Paulo Coelho

Why the Ocean encounters?

Because Nature and her gifted and loving guides, dolphins & whales, will have you experience all about life without words needed.
Whales and dolphins taught us that creating, or, as you wish, manifesting, is only truly possible after an impuls or experience preceeded it.. Creating, then, starts flowing naturally.
The Ocean Exclusive will enrich your life as nothing else can, and you will be leaving filled with precious insight and magical jewels in your heart. 
Your hearts desires will become your reality. What you will experience here is absolutely unique!

You will feel deeply on the heartlevel and BE. When you leave, you will be living from there…for ever more.
Thinking can be useful, but is shaped and framed by the “human size”. Universal Intelligence is the limitless field of Creation….All that IS.
We humans, normally, only perceive a fraction of this intelligence.
Our experience being in Nature and in our interactions with dolphins & whales over the last 16 years have learned us, that the Art of Creation, is limitless too, and, when set free, unhampered by our mental control, we enter this magical field, where all is possible because all is LOVE.
You become aware and you are instantly connected. The spark ( LOVE) firing the flame (LOVE..)

The Journeys bring, deep emotions of delight and bliss, passion, beauty, magic, perfect timing and unconditional Love.
Our years on the ocean, have given us many insights: 

  • Experience and allowing to be in tune with All that IS, is the Key to the Art of Creation and making dreams a reality. 
  • Universal Intelligence is a limitless field of creation and unconditional Love. 
  • We are the same content as this Universal Intelligence, just as a drop of water is of the same content as the whole Ocean.
  • Looking in the eye of a dolphin and whale, we experience the whole Univere and her limitlessness and the opening of our heart, which connects immediately to Unconditional Love…. It is a home coming !
  • The experience of being in Nature, magical and radiant, receiving her messages and become one with her messengers, 
  • There is healing, joy, love, inspiration. It brings happiness, delight and pure bliss. It activates and renews you up to the DNA level.

That’s why we organise these Exclusive Ocean retreats: Nature’s “Masterclasses” with in freedom living dolphins & whales.

Are dolphins & whales calling you? 
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Or simply mail us, if you like to come.
We can assist you with finding acomodation and flight.
We are looking forward seeing you soon on the island of eternal Spring, Tenerife.
Winny en Kees

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walvisbel zomer 2004 6

In love….. holiday loves..

This holiday I discovered that it is even possible being 59, to fall in love during a holiday, and to return home, filled with longing after a new found love..
I saw with my own eyes, what they say about dolphins and whales: ” Highly intelligent beings with healing capacities, who feel exactly what is needed, and how “close” they can come to you..”

I will never forget, what I felt, when at some point, one whale came to me and stood before me looking me straight in my eyes….
My heart almost exploded… So much love… I also witnessed a healing by eight whales of a young woman with cancer, how they circled around her,even making sounds above the water. The air was vibrating from this healing energy, for all to feel. They came so close, only a few centimeters between their body and her’s.
I fell in Love, forever and will be back for sure next year!  L.

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