Our Unique 3 days Ocean Journeys.


What a magical year awaits us. The year or 2020 and the start of a new decennium will bring us 13 Full Moons, amongst which 2 Super Moons and one Blue Moon.

What a celebration together with our wonderful and wise Oceanfriends the free living dolphins and Whales of the Atlantic.

The Ocean Delight is waiting for you in Tenerife – Canary Islands..

Magical events…


Dates: 25th of July until 28th of July and:

30th of July till 2th of August


Two 3-days Ocean SUMMER Journeys for you to enjoy

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You will enjoy a sparkling summerbreak in the heart as we cruise to meet our magical Ocean friends the dolphins & whales.

You will be floating in the a clear blue Atlantic Ocean, with seawater temperature of 24C and enjoy unforgettable encounters with our dear friends the free living dolphins and whales, who will give in abundance from their love, wisdom and glorious healing energy.

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For non pre -planned private individual Ocean encounters we can cruise with a max. of 10 guests.

For a single extra Ocean encounter the donation is €198.- pp. We cruise with a min. of 5 guests. If you want to come with less it is ofcourse possible but the minimum charge will always be for 5 guests cruising.

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Tweets from Robert Holden after his Ocean encounters: 

“I’ve been out in the ocean swimming with mother whales and their babies. Miraculous. Amazing. Total love. Deep gratitude.” 


“Another day on the ocean receiving blessings of LIGHT from pilot whales and dolphins. A truly life-transforming experience.”

Robert Holden is author of bestsellers like “Shift Happens”, “Be happy”, “Success Intelligence” and “Happiness now”, “Loveability” and together with Louise Hay he wrote ” Life Loves you”. Furthermore he is the founder of the Happiness project and he has been a guest with Oprah Winfrey many a time.

Robert says about the Ocean of Love:

“The best kept secret of the Planet”.

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