The mysterie remains….

Why are we so moved and touched when we have the opportunity to connect with free living dolphins, whales and turtles…??

We can guess or we can try to understand on a mental level, but we don’t find answers there.

The amazing beauty of an Ocean encouter is ofcourse something unforgettable. The underwater serenity. The deep and pure blue radiance is like a healing blanket surrounding us, for sure.

The impressions don’t compare to anything else on our planet, but there is also a magic a radiant Light and the experience of unconditional love, a feeling of experiencing heaven on earth…..

You feel yourself embraced by pure love and wisdom… you feel an instant healing, you feel whole. One with All that is….All is Love and Peace.

You feel like coming home and being welcomed by your dear family who have been waiting for you so patiently.

You feel doors opening within, a knowing poors into your being.

This is a home coming with your light family for the radiant light being that you are… Your light is being switcht on. For ever…

What a gift….

Look when you can enter the magical blue and join us in 2018-19

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