Sometimes things happen in sync. 
With our dear friend Robert Holden, we had in May, several talks during his visit, about what it is, that actually happens, when we introduce a guest to the dolphins and whales.

He called it an Initiation. An experience of BEING in the Source of All THAT IS. 

It is the moment when you experience who you are. You feel your essence. You feel your own unique  infinite being and you hear, very clear, your own “inner song”

Robert told us, that he carries his Initiation with him as a precious jewel. He returns here regularly, to be anchored deeper and deeper into the consciousness of Unconditional Love and surrender.
The Source, the Light and the experience of remembering we are being part of this Light… ” I am Light” 

The initiators for this Initiation, as he calls me and Kees, and the role we are allowed to play, for which the dolphins and whales invited us many years ago, Robert calls, unique, and  not to be compared with anything else.

 And so it is.

A gateway opens…..and indeed all is Love and Light.

“You are the Light, Delight”

were the first words I received in the beginning if our dolphin and whale adventure. This is a home coming..  home to who we really are, into the lighness of who we are. Thinking falls away. All is whole, we experience Unity and what is means…

Many people, like Robert and his family, return again and again after their Initiation and discover their own unique being and are anchored deeper and deeper in what they would like to give and share in their life. It is indeed ” the spark that fires the flame”

As I was writing this today, I received a newsletter from one of our guests: Catelijne van der Hart.

She too, is an example of the effect of this Initiation.
She nowadays has her own line of inspirational cards, stickers, lyrics and sayings, all made by hand. 

She told her story in the dutch magazine Happinez. It is a wonderful one about what the Exclusive Ocean Retreats set in motion in her life and the careershift that followed.

This Initation unlocks your unlimited creative potential….

Catelijne’s Story

Over Robert Holden

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