“Be the one”

“Rebalance, Reconnect and Restore after the Huge SHIFT”

3-days Ocean Journey

From 29 October to 1 November

Wow, what an experience this will be for all of us. As we’ve been tossed and turned and We’ve clearly been challenged and are invited to rewrite the story of Humanity. Gaia and all our Ocean friends will assist us as they always do to not only to restore and revitalize but also to receive their messages, and carry them forth becoming the Light beacon and live by example. The dolphins and whales love and miss us too, we easily tend to forget, as they are our wise teachers and so eager to learn us in their unique, wordless manner, all about uncondiotional Love, and harmonious, balanced co-existence. The dolphins, whales and turtles, will inspire and nurture us so we can shine brighter than ever!

You are the ONE, the Light beacon, come and uplift, restore and experience their wisdom.

Water temperatures will be the best 24C at this time.

We are here to advise you on flights/ accomodation.

Tenerife is the island of eternal Spring so the climate is very mild, healthy and blooming all year around.


We privately cruise with a small group of max 10 guests

Minimal 5 guests

*weather and ocean circumstances prevented

For further info connect with us here…

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