DOLPHIN HEALING: ‘By observing nature, you rediscover your inner nature’.

Kees and Winny organize Oceaan Journeys with free living dolphins & whales is the heavenly environment of  Tenerife. This gives you an opportunity to, get to realy experience, taste and touch Universal energy and the wisdom of dolphins & whales, Source and your own essence, through this deep contact with Nature Adventures on the ‘OCEAN DELIGHT’ are an essential source of inspiration, to be able to “BE THERE” for yourself and others.In the Playshop they will share video, music, powerpoint,  visualisations to bring participants a taste of what encounters with free living dolphins and whales can trigger and create in you.

A heart opening and inspiring experience!

The message of Love from the  ” Angels  of the Ocean”.

Playshop content:  

  • Video & powerpoint.
  • Music/ stories
  • Shating….
  • Connection with youe own angel of the Ocean……
  • Relaxation during a visualisation
  • Futher  playfully
  • Duration 2 hrs
  • Available on request
  • language Dutch/English
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