“By discovering Nature, you rediscover your inner Nature”


Kees: “Celebrate Life every day“

Winny: “Create your best Life now”

EXPERIENCE THE FLOW and create a new reality…

“In Nature, we can just be. We can let go, we can stop, breathe and pause. We surrender to the rhythm and pace of Nature… ”
During some weeks over the year we offer the opportunity to come and enjoy Ocean encouters on the sparkling clear blue Atlantic…

You will be able to be together with free living bottlenose-spotted-, and spinner dolphins in their own habitat. In this area one can also meet beautiful whales like for instance the pilot whales, sperm- and finback whales, living free and in the wild. The Atlantic Ocean water is very clear.

At all times the freedom and habitat of the animals will be respected and save guarded. In this way the animals decide in which manner they would like to communicate and play with us. During our EXCLUSIVE OCEAN retreats you will experience the wonders of CREATION and the magic of BEING. 
Times that will without a doubt bring you an extra ordinary healing and heart opening….
During the encounters we sail following Universal guidelines of Love & respect.

Enjoy, this website, take your time, watching the video’s and reading about Nature’s gifts and the Love, Delight and Bliss you will receive from Nature and our fellow companions on our wonderful Planet Earth, the dolphins & whales..

“By discovering Nature, you rediscover your Inner Nature” 

Tweets from Robert Holden after his Ocean encounters: 

“I’ve been out in the ocean swimming with mother whales and their babies. Miraculous. Amazing. Total love. Deep gratitude.” 


“Another day on the ocean receiving blessings of LIGHT from pilot whales and dolphins. A truly life-transforming experience.”

Robert Holden is author of bestsellers like “Shift Happens”, “Be happy”, “Success Intelligence” and “Happiness now”, “Loveability” and together with Louise Hay he wrote ” Life Loves you”. Furthermore he is the founder of the Happiness project and he has been a guest with Oprah Winfrey many a time. 

Robert says about the Ocean of Love:

“The best kept secret of the Planet”.

Ocean Delight

Joy is where the dolphins swim in
the sea and in your heart.

They appear and disappear into
the dark blue.

They send a line of bubbles
From the deep up

to you.

Bright angular bubbles roll across
Your body aa you float

on the ocean delight.

Fizzy water made of love.
Each holy bubble a dolphin’s kiss.
Which bursts upon the surface, 
crowning you from above

and within in



Ocean Delight, May 24th/16, written at breakfast. First recited on the Ocean Delight. Just before I read this poem, two bottlenose dolphins appeared and blew a line of bubbles up to us ( Hollie,Bo, Christopher, Winny, Kees, Rebecca, Craig and I) from the deep.
Robert Holden


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