Enjoy, renew, shift and Delight ..

Imagine, if we all would be able to live naturally and consciously in the HEART energy of unconditional love…because all is energy and we are in essence unconditional love.

We only need an activation..or a reminder if you will of how dolphins & whales choose to achieve their mission and in doing so, they to assist us in how to trigger our memory of who we really are and bringing us the experience of heaven on earth now. They show us a mirror to reflect the miracle of who we really are so we can recognize this truth: WE ARE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, IN FREE FLOWING HEART ENERGY.

So yes, we can have faith and yes, we have the purest love and wordless guides, the angels of the ocean always available to us, they are multi dimensional Beings, who, will communicate their wisdom when you invite them in your heart and soul.

They “simply” help us to show us our magical button… which says: Heave is on Earth….

We can live “Heaven on Earth” when we choose to be an instrument of peace…

Here you can read what bestselling author of “Happiness now” and ” Shift Happens Dr. Robert Holden wrote in his newsletter after one of his Ocean Journeys:

“Just before I sat down to write this newsletter, my children Bo and Christopher yelled “Dad, dad! Come now!”

“Okay” I said.

“This NOW!” they yelled.

“What is it?” I asked.

“A white feather,” said Bo.

“It’s floating right in front of us,” said Christopher.

I ran out to the balcony of our holiday apartment, which is on the fourth floor, and together we watched as the white feather drifted, twirled, floated down to the ground.

My family and I are in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. We are on a sea pilgrimage swimming in the wild with whales and dolphins. It’s our eighth time here. We come every year, sometimes twice a year. Our hosts are Winny & Kees, who have been leading their Ocean of Love pilgrimages for twenty years now. This year we came with our friends Jo and her son KK and Rebecca Campbell (a fellow Hay House author) and her husband Craig.

Winny and Kees enjoy a beautiful relationship with the whales and dolphins. They know intuitively where to find them. “My love for the whales and dolphins is my guide,” says Winny. Each day we set out on the Ocean Delight, our eight-metre RIB boat. Winny leads us in a meditation. She opens up what she calls “the channel of communication” to the whales and dolphins. We then set out to sea, travelling up to ten miles from shore, following our intuition, paying attention to signs, and looking for fins!

A white feather floating on the water is one of the signs Winny looks for. Each time we see a white feather, we take it as a sign that we are on course. Over the last three days, we navigated by white feathers. It prompted me to write a poem for Winny & Kees. Here it is:
Navigation By White Feathers

A small white feather

afloat on the water.

Right here in the middle

of the wide, blue sea.

“See! See! Another one!”

cry the children.

“This is our sign,” affirms the

captain of our boat.

Navigation by white feathers.

This is how it happens out at sea

(and on land) when you travel

without plans.

A turtle asked a seagull to lay a

spare white feather precisely there.

A spotted dolphin had asked the

turtle to speak to the gull.

A whale had asked the dolphin

to send a message to the turtle.

God had originally spoken to the whale.

Navigation by white feathers.

This is how it happens out at sea

(and on land) when you let

yourself be guided by a higher plan.

Each sea pilgrimage with Winny & Kees offers a unique set of gifts and lessons. The lesson of the white feathers teaches me that we do not travel alone and that if we are willing to open up a channel of communication with life we will receive guidance and inspiration along the way.

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