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Review Workshop in India in 2012. Winny & Kees:

You are the light, Delight!

On the last day of  the Global Congres of Spiritual Scientists, Winny & Kees brought a loving lightness in their session with soulful music and videos of dolphins that inspire love, trust and harmony.  It began with a short clipping of them swimming with dolphins in the open expanse of the ocean. Melodious tracks were an apt backdrop for the spiritual expanse of a feeling only nature can bring through its elements. The dolphins were making ‘singing sounds’.  It is amazing what we humans can experience with our fellow beings on Earth.

The message was to ‘let go’ and surrender.

Unfathomable abundance will flow in by itself. Winny & Kees said that the dolphins and whales have given tools to delete old, painful or negative programming which might have prevented the flow of creation in one’s life. If we are ready to receive their wisdom, we can come into out most natural state of being; happy and inspired.

We can freely flow in all aspects of our being letting our unique sparks shine brightly.

We will feel harmony and balance that comes from a direct alignment with Source in all her glory and pure divinity. Here are the messages channelled by Winny & Kees from dolphins and whales : “You are the Light DELIGHT! As humanity learned over the past few years, everything is changing fast. Our natural BEINGNESS, has taught us that nothing is by chance and all is played out for the highest good of all on our beautiful blue planet- EARTH… You humans might feel aches and pains right now, sometimes even in your bodies, since you are losing your grip a bit, but the message, Kees & Winny have been able to pick up from us while being in Nature amidst us, your dear friends and co-creators the dolphins and whales. Remember you ARE the Light and you are allowed to delight in your being over here in the human condition right now. Life is about experience, Life IS the classroom… You should not wait for better circumstances, or knowing more; you should not linger in doubt.

Life is about living it to the fullest.

Being prepared and open to receive miracles in your life on a daily basis. Life is not about material stuff, it just clutters your lightness. It is about creating Lightness from trust and love. It is about blessing who you are and what you are, which is Love and allowing yourself to be and what you are choosing to experience and share. You may start by trusting that there will always be enough for you to be able to become the magical light being you can be in the flesh…… knowing that all will be available to you at the exact right time, through your own openness and willingness to live the glorious version of who you really are. From living your life in Light and not falling in fear, which cramps your style, doors will be opened to you who will resonate with your Light-BEING.

Get back to basics; enjoy your life, by being clear in every “Light” experience in your life.

Be LOVE and feel loved, because you are love and loved. Focus only on what makes you DELIGHT, starting with smiling at your day in the morning, from an open window, overlooking the surroundings, where you are planted right now in your life. You aren’t there by accident, and if you want to change “things” in your life as it is right now, all you need to do is stay with the bright and happy experiences in your day and assist yourself in losing most of your built up inner heaviness and your whole life experience will flow, to where you are suppose to flourish and shine. When you, humans choose to let go of your heaviness, imagine how LIGHT our Planet will become…” This DOLPHIN HEALING KEY is all about connecting with love. You can trust more in your own Lightness, and letting go of all built up heaviness in your life which stores itself as heavy, sometimes, painful cell memory in your systems…

We, the dolphins and whales have given tools to experience Love & Light and to be able to create this right now. Humans can create from happiness and Lightness of Being, just as we, dolphins and whales can… Go for it, create it and spread it, from this moment on and be the Dolphin Healing Network for spreading this magical, instant experience of happiness where ever you may go! The world will become a better place for all of us! Winny & Kees  reiterated that we are a part of the amazing Ocean of Consciousness, so where our intention goes, our energy flows. The session ended on a musical note with fantastic songs interspersed between interesting videos and small activities. Their message of love, trust and harmony was heard by one and all! By Jonaki Bekijk een korte  film impressie hier: