Ocean of Love

To open and to let go is creating space to receive and give..


“It’s all about Love”

The Ocean of Love offers a magical space where we can feel our personal  programming, which could prevent flow in our lives, simply being  dissolved.
For once, not by working hard on a certain mindset or behaviour, or thinking about how, what or why…. 

We humans, know this, working hard, to achieve something, all too well.

In Nature, it is nothing of the above.

In our upbringing, school etc, we learn striving, and we are told that things are not easy but often difficult and ask a lot of us.

This makes that life often seems to be a difficult challenge. Doing our very best, training, thinking, learning etc. We even often don’t notice, we are “swimming against the tide..” and later we wonder, why are we so tired or why didn’t I get anywhere? 

In Nature, we experience what Life really is about and how things work. Life is not meant to be a struggle.
Life can flow and can be light and filled with love and abundance. When we understand that we are part of the movement and the force of Nature, and we tune into it, we discover that we ARE the movement and the flow of life.

Nature’s flow, guidance and magical power connects us with our own flow, guidance and magical power….

The all emcompassing field of energy is flow, and we are the field and the flow. 

You will experience the impact of  Nature’s ongoing tidel stream and current. The influence of the moon, the stars and the sun. Flow is movement and we are in motion and we are the movement..

By connecting and surrendering to the movement of Nature and opening ourselves to receive from Source, we experience Unity and Unconditional Love. We experience our own Unconditional Love and limitlessness.This will bring you into Being. In that beingness you will receive unforgettable gifts and insight in the most clear, recognizable and palpable way.

We are divine and unique Beings and we are a reflection of Nature’s magnificence and beauty. 

To experience all of this through the guidance from Nature, will bring you the knowing on how to activate this field in your everyday life, so you will feel your full potential flow in the most natural way from that day forward.

Your heart will sing, because you experience
 Heaven on Earth and you will sense a deep feeling of coming home, where peace, space, inner knowing, and Love will reside and this will nourish your head, heart and soul. 

“Experience assists creation…”