About us

Kees is retired physiotherapist and orthomoleculair health practitioner, and has since 1978 been running a private practice.
At the end of the 80’s, after a deep personal life experience, he developed a Holistic Healing concept. 

He used tools to effectively connect head, heart and soul, toward wholeness of being.

Winny, has a musical backround, at the Highschool of Music. Since 1990,  she worked as a life-coach, where she utilises her psychic gift, to assist clients, individual, families and small groups with personal development, healing, life issues and bereavement. She also used vibrational Medicine, sound, light and colour.

She translated on request of the Bach Centre in England, a video about the life and work of Edward Bach into dutch. Together with Kees they did the voice over. 

Dr. Wayne Dyer, gave her his blessing to translate and use his morning and evening meditations. She produced healing audio tapes and DVDs.

Winny and Kees have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

They fortified their connection with Source and their own essence, more and more,  since they, 20 years ago, received the gift of trust, love, play, delight and freedom, in Nature and from their dear friends, the dolphins and whales. 

Winny’s musical backround has opened the connection for this magical friendship to flourish between the free living dolphins and whales of the Atlantic Ocean, and humans as their friendship  deepened and that continues, until this day.