Dates: 18th till 21th of July

These seats are the very last seats available until 2023!

During these 3-days Ocean encounters on the Atlantic with dolphins & whales we become one with the natural flow of the tides, the influences of the sun, the moon and the stars. We simply let go and are….

Ocean temperatures are amazing (appr. 24C) . Weather wonderful.

With the soft breeze in your hair, the sun on your bodies, the intense colours of Nature.

You will feel there is NO better way then Nature’s way and the dolphins and whales give their all to assist us to experience living in joy and Delight!

You can request for being added to our waiting list here

Let our wise, wordless friends and Nature bring you home.

With dolphin bubbles from Winny& Kees

Max. 10 participants

For actual availability and further info: Contact us here

Minimum 5 participants

Excl. flight/ accomodation

*Weather and Ocean circumstances prevented

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