“Be the change you wish to see in the world”.
– Gandhi-

The Masterclass, workshops, and the Ocean Journeys, are enriching and inspiring. They all, in their own unique way, will bring new and transforming tools in your life. You will  be reminded of the power of happiness and Love, to heal, restore and uplift your whole being. You will also be a jewel in the lives of those you will touch. The Dolphin and Whale Love Frequency will assist you in discovering the art of living lightly and joyously in the Now.

“You are allowed to paint in your own way your life’s canvas. 

Be adventurous and open your heart and your soul. Choose what makes your heart sing and give a new reality a chance. 

The art of living, is about going past our history; our upbringing, experiences, adapted truths, limitations and judgments, to find our natural harmony, and getting in tune with who we really are. Experiencing, what this feels like,  when connected to Nature’s harmony,  can greatly benefit us, in finding our “Art” of livingThe real world is the silent space, the unlimited source of Love and peace, where the magic of creation is available to us. It is in Nature and in our Nature.

We all can choose happiness, beauty and love. We can nourish ourselves in this wordless space, past our thoughts, our reason, our baggage. We can choose to enter into the blue, divine Nature, being in the pure frequency of love. This experience, will anchor in your being. You can enjoy it, live from it, and share from it….”


About our Exclusive Ocean Retreats

DOLPHIN HEALING  "The most amazing feeling a human being can experience, is experiencing the Mystery" Paulo Coelho Why the Ocean encounters? Because Nature and her gifted and loving guides, dolphins & whales, will have you experience all about life without words...

The key to happiness & success in your Life

Initiation Sometimes things happen in sync.  With our dear friend Robert Holden, we had in May, several talks during his visit, about what it is, that actually happens, when we introduce a guest to the dolphins and whales. He called it an Initiation. An...