img_9006-400x284There are unforgettable moments…
When a dolphin or whale starts blowing bubbles and constantly changes the shape!

From round big bubbles to UFO shaped bubbles, or hundreds of very tiny bubbles like chains of pearls coming towards you.

They caress your body as if you are floating in the most luxurious bubble bath. .. The largest one in Nature as a matter of fact!

When you all over sudden have an intense experience while looking in the most loving eyes of a dolphin or whale, and they send you the most beautiful round bubble in the shape of a perfect ring….you will only be there, in that moment filled with silent and deep knowing…

These are unforgettable moments..

You feel completely alive, and your heart will be singing! Believe me, your heart will keep on singing.

This image and feeling will stay with you forever and you will be able to recall this always and everywhere, an anchor of Joy, Love and Happiness.

It will never leave you again.

Is NOW your moment of doing what you’ve always wanted to do?

Whatever it will be, we wish you a singing heart…Perhaps we will be able to sing together in the ocean soon!

“Life can offer you no inner peace until you determine to accept it for yourself. Tomorrow will be no different from today. In this moment lies the opportunity to peel of the layers that burden you and accept your natural state of joy. Write the word “JOY” on a piece of paper and put it in your pocket or purse.
Carry it with you as a reminder of what you are choosing. Rather than remaining hostage to life’s changes, expect understanding and continued joy to flow to you- and it will.”-M. Sawyer-

img_5065To open your heart and to have the essence of the message of JOY , from dolphins and whales become a loving force in your life, from which your creative potential will be unlocked, we invite you to our Intensive Ocean retreats, because: 

“Fear blocks flow, trust creates flow”.