MAGIC: A  wonderful gift from free living dolphins & whales….
Magic and love are the gifts you receive from our dear friends and intelligent and loving guides, the dolphins and whales.

Their light & love frequency will assist you in these times of rapid change on your path to lightness of Being and wholeness.

They connect you to your magnificence and assist you to create your best life now in every aspect of your being. As GAIA is responding to the new incoming light, our body, spirit, thoughts and believes are in need of support to relief and release ourselves from heavy or painful cell memory, so we will renew our awareness and realize that we are the White Light love frequency. When this white light shines through a prism, it refracts into all the different colors of the rainbow. Yes, we too carry all these colors. One frequency opens a door to the next. These Light frequencies delete old, painful or negative programming which might have prevented the flow of creation in your life.

This is a magical journey, you can go on, right at your own home…

When you are light you can play like a dolphin…

The sky is the limit…

We receive messages from people often, telling us they  Each time they are surprised, about new skills, talents, mood improvement and spontanious events happening in their lives. There is no limit. Developement and evolution are unlimited. Also on a physical level you will experience balance and renewal. We even see, years falling away from peoples faces. What an amazing fountain of youth is the Dolphin Healing.

We have hardly any idea about our possibilities. Our potential is unlimited.

Choose balance, let your light shine and find your true voice. When you connect to the beauty, harmony and Love that flows from Nature and from the infinity of the Universe, which is given by these unique Light Frequencies, you will experience safety, as if, warm and loving, arms embrace and protect you. 

You will simply enter a timeless and Love filled infinite, total healing and Light filled space.

Enter this infinite space, where there is no judgement, only unconditional Love.

Here in this space you will come home and feel safe. Here, your whole being will be balanced and healed, just by opening up to their unique Love frequency and staying there for a while. 

Experience renewal, rebalancing and alignment.

Nothing more is needed to anchor this renewing frequencies of Light in you being. You, actually connect automatically with the vibration that is generated by the frequency. This is the Dolphin Healing.

A new concept of Quantum Healing.

The Dolphin Healing Light & Love Frequency  are the magical keys to wholeness. They will “Dolphinize” us and eventually our whole Planet.

Enrich your life during this Dolphin & Whale Ocean Journey..

You can go on this adventure by yourself, or you can bring a group.


The dolphin &whale frequency activates, in a very friendly and subtle way an alchemical proces. From rigidity in body and mind, to suppleness and playfulness. To carefreeness. From the loneliness of the “self” to the togetherness of “we”.

Enjoying together, taking care in togetherness, while our world changes for the good. Letting go and trusting, embracing and loving eachother. Let’s take dolphins as our example. In this way life will be a celebration!  xx Wilma.

I feel everything becomes lighter, colours, feelings, things are not that heavy anymore, I take things more lightly. I feel that things slide off more easily, it makes me happier, and my lower limit is becoming higher. I don’t slide into the deep anymore. The valleys less deep, the peaks less sharp and the upper limit higher…truly a new life frequency. Annet H.

I experienced a lot of synchronicity. Last week, for  instance, I had a wonderful experience during a healing, with, from and at a beautiful tree. The next day I started with the lightfrequency of Harmony. It was so special to be able to experience this as “naturally”. So, yes, “I feel so blessed”, and I am so glad to have found Dolphin Healing. Suitable for the whole world…. Rieke K.

Dear Winny aand Kees, did I change? YES ! I am centered in my power.  I invision clearly what it is, that I want. I am aware of the fact that progress goes in small steps and that I can take time and space to look at where I am. I now,  also, really can feel my body. I more easily dare to speak up and have less tendency to please people or to say what I think they want to hear.I am not afraid to lose people because of this anymore.Indeed, I sense that I enjoy connecting to people and that others also are willing to consider my wishes. It gets easier and easier to change my thoughts, whenever they get negative. Picking a card every morning makes that I start my day aware and with a message,  a promise to myself. I felt so grateful. Now I want to love everyone, no matter what they do… Gerda H.