Surrender virtually to the flow of the Ocean and be surprised and amazed by the free living dolphins and whales, the Angels of The Ocean, our wise guides.

Dolphins & whales embrace you in their loving “JOY OF BEING“. They assist us to lift our Planet to a higher frequency where there is only Love…

Encountering Love, by Lizzie:

( 16th August 2010)

Let’s make a deal in this life to surrender,

And take our troubles as signs to remember,

That what is real is the love we’ve uncovered,

Let’s think of all we still haven’t discovered.

We’ve had a glimpse of what we might call home,

Where we no longer believe we’re alone,

The love we’ve reflected back to one another,

Feels like that of the divine and true lover.

This connection keeps us on track

From this meeting there’s no turning back,

What we’ve seen will stay for a lifetime,

We can call on it as a lifeline.

We can try all we like to separate, using fear and doubt as our team mate,

But when we look to the longing inside,

It’s here that we find true love resides.

The longing to love is so deep,

And a precious other leads us to leap,

Into our hearts where we’ll always find,

A gentleness tasting so sweet and kind.

This beauty I feel in this being,

Brings a whole different meaning to seeing,

When I look into those still eyes,

The whole world could just pass me by.

That creation made us this way,

Leaves me curious each and every day,

That we all have the space to know what’s true,

Sometimes all we can say is Thank You.





Just connect with us…

Our wise Oceanfriends are longing to be with you, in spite of all our human limiting beliefs, our adapted structures and crazyness. Especially NOW!